Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Firefox extension of the day... Poster

I've been playing with some soap services where I know what's expected to be sent, but I don't have any WSDL to write a client against... so for testing purposes Poster has already become invaluable, and can be found here:

It allows you to post and get http content... everytime I've wanted to do that in the past, I've needed to write my own, which I've then got rid of as it served it's breif purpose.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

WSAS and Eclipse Integration

So, I've been playing with the WSO-WSAS server today - I don't really understand it, but whilest following the tutorial here: to get it working I discovered the following things you need to do to make it work... for me anyway.

Firstly I needed to change the default Java Compiler Eclipse uses to 1.5...

Then I got the following error when trying to create a new project:
Runtime "WSO2 WSAS" is invalid. Missing classpath entry \serverRootDirectory\lib.

The fix meant changing the: org.wso2.wsf.ide.server.wsas-2.3.jar file so the ServerRootDirectory are correct. This needed to be hard coded into wsas.serverdef file (extract the jar, and edit the file) in the "property id=serverRootDirectory" setting. It ended up looking something like this:
<property id="serverRootDirectory"
label="Runtime Directory"
default="D:/opt/wso2wsas-2.3" />

I now have a project that works, but that doesn't mean I like it.