Friday, 24 October 2008


I was looking around this morning for more scrum software, and I came across scrumy. This appears to be a really basic piece of scrum software, that may just be enough to "just work". This may be better than the stickys I yesterday. I know it supports burndown, which is really useful, although it breaks all taks to 3 hours, which is editable.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Online stickys

I've been looking for something that might help me with Scrum over a distributed team, and still using sticky notes - they really work. Especially when you take into account "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools". People find things easier to follow when a tool is easy to use.

So anyway, the point? Well I found what seems to me the best online sticky site I've seen:

I'm going to try this out on the next new Scrum I start with experienced agile devs. I'm hoping this will take some of the pain out of distributed teams. After all, I've tried photos and webcams; they just haven't worked for me or the teams.

A couple of interesting links on Agile

Not much time right now, but I've just read: - which is about iterating for knowledge, which I think is as important as iterating for business value. Both have their place, but I know it's a good idea to allow knowledge gathering. After all, the idea of just getting the project out the door with little or no effort, seems a great plan, but could lead to frustration in development teams.

I've not had a chance to go through: yet, but it looks quite interesting as it cover a lot about agile acceptance testing.

Monday, 6 October 2008

I'm still looking at web services

Today, while I've been working with webservice, and spring, I came across this very good site:

He really seems to know his stuff.

Still working with Apache's CXF is a challenge as there doesn't really appear to be a ton of information on it out there. Especially when trying to use it to use Spring for WS-RM.

Ho hum....